We are a start-up company founded late 2013. We are all gamers who have managed to turn our passion into roles in the mainstream games industry, but want to make the sorts of games that we enjoy.Our developers and cofounders Onur (a.k.a Obuw) and Yasar (a.k.a Qxr) have been gamers for 20+ years, programmers for 15+ years and professionals involved in the industry for nearly 10 years.

Onur has a Computer Science degree and an MA in Game Design. He worked for several companies as a coder and designer on games big and small, and later co-founded Candyflame Games where he created the TankBlitz and Isoball series. His biggest hit to date is the Isoball series of puzzle games, which has been played by over 90 million people worldwide. Onur has been working on prototypes of Diablowing in his spare time since 2006, gradually growing the itemization system into the behemoth it is today.

 Other members of the team include Yasar, a fellow colleague of Onur, who is also a Computer Science graduate, a skilled coder and an avid gamer, and Doug, who teaches game design at Falmouth University and takes on dialogue, scripting and marketing duties for Diablowing.

Between us we know how to work together, what is required to launch a polished, successful game for our target platforms. We are veterans working on a game we have always wanted to release (and play), and that’s why you can count on us to deliver.

You can follow us on twitter @Axeforge. You can also e-mail us at info@axeforge.com for further inquiries.