February 8, 2014 in News by Obuw

Let’s start talking about the ARPG side of things: Attributes.

That's a lot of stats!

That’s a lot of stats!

Please keep in mind all this is placeholder art – the game won’t look like this when it comes out. :-)

So, first we have the four “Primary Stats”; Flight, Gunnery, Tech and Toughness.

Flight increases Stability, Agility and Speed.
Gunnery increases Armor Penetration, rate of fire and bullet velocity.
Tech improves module and rig effectiveness.
Toughness increases armor, health and resistances.

Each time you level up, you get 5 points to spend in primary attributes. You can also get bonus stats from items;


Not bad!








Each primary stat increases several “Secondary Stats”. But what do all these secondary stats do?

Stability improves your ship’s balance. Your ship’s weight and top speed reduce its balance. If you invest in lots of heavy weaponry and jet engines, but not enough momentum to support it, you’ll end up with a ship that is very difficult to control.

Your Armor Penetration is pitted against the enemy’s Armor value to see how much of your kinetic (physical) damage gets through. It is important to keep this near 100% at all times unless you are focusing on elemental weapons.

Likewise, your Armor is pitted against the enemy’s Armor Penetration value to see how much of their kinetic damage gets through. This caps out at 70%, but it takes a lot of effort to raise it above 50%.

Elemental weapons (Thermal, Plasma, Energy) ignore armor, but they are pitted against corresponding resistances instead. These resists cap out at 75% for players, and enemies can even be outright immune to certain elements. Unlike kinetic damage, there is no way to circumvent this resistance, so ships specializing in elemental weapons need to be versatile and use the correct elements for the situation.

This is all good on paper, but we don’t want these to just be a set of numbers that get bigger as you play without having any real impact on gameplay. We want to make stats open up interesting options. At the end of the day, it really comes down to weapon design and how each stat interacts with each weapon and module.

So we will be talking about the different equipment and examples of indirect benefits they receive from these stats in the next update. :-)

Obuw out.