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January 24, 2014 in News by Obuw

Hey all,

In this post I wanted to get into the differences between the desktop (PC/Mac) and mobile (Android/iOS) versions of the game.

Our aim is to make the game experience as smooth as possible on both environments. We will not compromise quality, or dumb down gameplay. However, they will have separate interfaces and control methods. Enemy concentrations / wave patterns will also be adjusted to account for resolution differences.

The PC version will have an RPG-like interface, showing stats, inventory, equipment slots and so on. Items will be equipped with typical drag-dropping or right clicking. The ship will be controlled with the keyboard by default, and there will be gamepad support. Not much to say here as it’s pretty standard.

Here’s a screenie from the PC interface from a very early build:

Notice how there used to be multiple slots for front and side weapons.

Notice how there used to be multiple weapon slots.

As for the mobile version, we want to ensure the interface is intuitive, and the controls are responsive.  The mobile game will have a compact, more touch / swipe friendly interface, where you will navigate the item lists by dragging the list up and down, selling items by swiping them right, mark items as favourites by doing a long press and so on.

The ship itself will be controlled by dragging your finger across the screen. You will be able to set an offset so the ship appears above your finger, making it easier to see it and dodge bullets. No unwieldy / frustrating joystick controls.

Weapon icons will be placed on one of the sides (depending on whether you are left-handed or right-handed), allowing you to click them with your other hand to fire. The autofire weapons will just toggle on with one click. Things with cooldowns such as heavy weapons or modules will need to be clicked each time. The buttons will be large enough to be clickable, but they will become transparent when active to allow you to see behind them.

I’ll leave you with some screens from the mobile version’s UI, composed entirely of ugly placeholders. :P

Main Menu and Options.

Main Menu and Options.

Create Character

Create Character

Equipment Screen

Equipment Screen

Item Selection - Compact View

Item Selection
Compact View







Obuw out.