February 24, 2014 in Featured, News by Obuw

As promised, we will be talking about equipment this time.


The basic starter ship has 8 equipment slots: Primary Weapon, Sidearm, Heavy Weapon, Module, Hull, Wingplates, Engine and Plating.

The Hull determines your ship’s health while the Wingplates determine your top speed. the Engines add stability and speed, while the Plating is the primary source of armor. There are many kinds of equipment for each slot. For instance, you can pick between Light Plating for better stability, Resistance Plating for extra elemental resistances, or Heavy Plating for high armor.

Primary weapons include the blaster, laserbeam, magma, grapeshot and flamethrower. Sidearms include machineguns, missiles and autoturrets, while the Heavy weapons include the lascannon, gatling gun, energy orb and shockwave.

Modules give your ship unique abilities. For instance, the salvage module allows you to use scraps from dead enemies to repair your ship, while the shield module gives you a regenerating shield.

As we mentioned last time around, many of these item designs benefit from different stats. For instance, the salvage module gets an indirect boost from your gunnery as the more enemies you kill, the more scrap you collect.

Another example; the lascannon is a beam weapon that does serious damage over a short burst of time. Normally it’s used to take down large single targets like flagships, but if you focus on agility and speed, it can also become highly effective against swarms of enemies as well, as you can cover more ground in a sweeping motion in the short burst of time it is active.

Similarly, the energy orb is a slow moving projectile that is difficult to hit with. Investing in Gunnery can cover its weakness by increasing bullet velocity.

A shield module gets more effective as your armor and resistances increase. To utilize a flamethrower you need to get up close and personal to the enemy, which requires high health and armor. The list could go on.

So all in all, we want to encourage experimental builds, and we want people to get creative. Niche builds are already popping up between me and Qxr as we test each internal build, so I think we are on the right track. We expect things to get really interesting once unique items are in. We want to give the players all the tools they need to make crazy combinations.

That’s all for this week. Please feel free to chip in, and let us know what you think about the direction we are taking. :-)

Obuw out.